Paul’s 2010 Nissan GTR

Mileage: 8,000
Process: StageIII
Nissan purpose-built the GTR to handle excruciating performance conditions and this owner loves to push his to the limits. With modified exhaust, tuning and sticky tires, this car has seen more track miles than street. The owner saugt after ts|s Detailing’s paint correction through machine polishing to bring the heat back to his red super-car. Our process included hand washing and clay bar decontamintation plus a multi-step polishing to remove swirls and a coat of durable sealant. This vehicle had to be valeted from the Levee to my home as services wer not permitted on site.

We start the process by foaming the car down and gently hand washing the body, wheels and exhaust

Using a machine polisher to clay bar with the latest in decontamination technology. Smooth paint makes a car go faster, right?

We tape off a portion of the paint to test polish/pad combinations then inspect to make sure we’ve achieved paint correction. Upon removal of the tape, we see the reduction of swirls and a flawless finish


Fall 2017

Winter is Coming!

Prepare your car for the harsh environmental conditions of winter with a silica-based sealant. This application will provide 6+ months of durable, easy-to-clean finish to your painted surfaces.


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