Jeff’s 2008 Corvette

Mileage: 19,800
Process: Stage III
The owner purchased a bundle of Zaino glossing products but first needed ts|s to remove swirl marks and restore luster by polishing the paint back to a deep, gloss black finish through our Stage II process. The Corvette was first washed, then clay barred and two polishing steps commenced to completely correct the paint of all defects.

Through the course of the gig, the car was actually washed three times to ensure the paint was completely devoid of dirt, clay bar residue and polishing oils before laying down a coat of sealant. The claybar has removed debris which contaminated the clear coat.


Winter 2017

Spring Cleaning

Now that the weather is clearing up, its time to restore the finish to your car! Consider the Stage II service to deep clean the inside/out of your car, remove light swirls/snow brush marks and rejuvenate the interior.


"Trifecta" package: Clear Bra, Tint and Ceramic Coating:

Save 15% when you combine all three protection services.

Loyalty Discount:

Save 10% on future services after having a vehicle detailed. Applicable to same household cars only on comprehensive packages.

Multi-Car Discount:

Save 10% when you schedule more than one vehicle at a time.

Office/Club Discounts:

Establish a relationship where TSS Detailing would offer members and employees premium interior and exterior detailing services at a discount.

Recent Projects

Light interior 50/50 using steam cleaning
Super clean installation and great gloss/clarity
Bumper all finished up
Bumper clear bra mocked up

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