Howard’s 2013 Tesla P85+

Mileage: 1600
Process: New Car Package & Xpel Clear Bra
Going green? THINK PINK! This EV owner wanted to preserve his investment properly. Service included interior UV protection applied to leather/plastic, carpet stain repellent, washing, clay barring, machine polishing, Xpel paint protection film and an application of Opti-Coat Pro, warrantied permanent paint protection.

Above: Foaming the car suspends dirt so that debris does not scratch the paint during the first wash. We use fine detailing brushes to remove dirt from tight crevices and body lines.

Below: Clay barring the car removes any contamination acrued from shipping or while sitting on dealer lots.

Above: I removed the factory’s partial hood bra, Barry installed the new full hood and fender wrap.

A photo of the fender with a glimpse of the newly installed clear bra paralleling the body line.

Michael removing the marker light.

The marker light installed with clear film running seamlessly behind it.

A comparison of non-conditioned and conditioned seat.

The interior finished with an artistic touch.


Summer 2018

Bring the Heat!

Keep your cabin cool with infrared rejection window tint, stop oxidation and water spots with ceramic coating, brave the elements during road trips with a clear bra!


New Car Protection Discounts

Warrantied ceramic coating prices reduced for all new vehicle's brought directly to the shop after customer delivery.

"Trifecta" package: Clear Bra, Tint and Ceramic Coating:

Save 15% when you combine all three protection services.

Loyalty Discount:

Save 10% on future services after having a vehicle detailed. Applicable to same household cars only on comprehensive packages.

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