Bill’s 2009 Mercedes Benz E350

Mileage: 24,000
Process: Stage I
This beutiful wine-red Mercedes received our Stage III package last spring and was in need of some rejuvenation after winter’s harsh elements took their toll and to remove dog hair left by his very affectionate Golden Retriever; our Stage I was the perfect spring-cleaning service for this Benz. The floor mats were shampooed, leather and dash were cleaned and conditioned back to a soft, supple feel. The exterior was washed and claybarred to remove surface contamination and finally the paint was waxed with a long-lasting sealant, leaving it smooth as ice to the touch.

Clay barring is a critical part of proper detailing. Atmospheric sediment and environmental elements (such as pollen, salt, brake dust and tar) gets embedded into the clearcoat. The clay bar removes that contamination and leaves the paint feeling smooth to the touch.


Fall 2017

Winter is Coming!

Prepare your car for the harsh environmental conditions of winter with a silica-based sealant. This application will provide 6+ months of durable, easy-to-clean finish to your painted surfaces.


Hot Discounts

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"Trifecta" package: Clear Bra, Tint and Ceramic Coating:

Save 15% when you combine all three protection services.

Loyalty Discount:

Save 10% on future services after having a vehicle detailed. Applicable to same household cars only on comprehensive packages.

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