Adam’s 1995 Camaro Z28

Mileage: 55,000
Process: Stage III
This black beauty was brought to me to undo the hack-job performed by a sub-par “detailer.” The paint was swirled so heavily from improper polishing techniques and wax/compound was nested in every body line and crevace. This whole gig required 16 hours to restore the muscle car back to a glossy, dripping-wet finish.

Here you can see wax and compound nested into the fender emblem. After the initial wash, the car was clay-barred to decontaminate the paint and remove the junk embedded in the body lines from the previous service attempt.

The hood of the Camaro under the afternoon sun. You can see the heavily swirled condition of the paint. After multiple polishing passes, the swirls are removed and an epic reflection remains.

Split shot under halogen lights showing the drastic paint correction achieved with proper machine polishing techniques.


Fall 2017

Winter is Coming!

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