Aaron’s 1999 BMW M3

Mileage: 76,000
Process: This rare colored, one-of-a-kind Bimmer required 40+ hours of labor to turn the vehicle into a stunning beauty. Prior to the service, I met with the owner to discuss his objectives and expectations. The gig would entail cleaning the suspension, the inside and outside of the rims, and wet-sanding the body to reduce orange peel and remove all surface defects, then polishing the paint back to a mirror reflection. Some touch up paint was required along the rear bumper to repair some severe scratches.

The wheels were removed and the suspension was thoroughly cleaned, the fender wells were cleaned, then shot with body-matched paint.

All 4 wheels were removed, degreased, polished and sealed.

The rear bumper was sanded, masked and then completely repainted with base coat then clear coat to repair the deep scuffs in the paint.

The entire car was wet sanded to reduce orange peel and remove surface defects. The above photo is after multiple machine polishing passes to restore the paint to full gloss.

Photo before any wet sanding work was performed.

Photo after wet sanding and polishing-look at the clearity of the paint and how sharp the reflection of the light is

The rear quarter panel required some special attention, it was riddled with impacts which were smoothed over with plastic-filler, painted with touch-up, then polished to a uniform finish.


Fall 2017

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