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Greg's 2014 Corvette Z51
Mileage: 150
Process: New Car Package and Clear Bra. Click here for video!
This new Stingray was brought to us to have Xpel paint protection film installed on the entire hood, fenders, bumper, lower rockers and rear diffuser as well as coated in Opti-Coat permanant ceramic sealant. The clear film will prevent impact damage from bugs, rocks and road debris and Opti-Coat will make future washes much easier as the polymers prevent dirt and contamination from sticking to the surface.

new corvette detailing

corvette detailing

Left: I remove the stock protection film.
Right: Michael removes all of the stock emblems.
Below: We machine polish the paint to remove swirls and defects caused by dealerships or shipping procedures.

stingray corvette detailing

stingray corvette machine polishing

Below: Xpel paint protection film (clear bra) is applied to nearly 50% of the vehicle. Wetting the surface allows us to adjust and manipulate the film prior to tacking it. Great care is taken to make sure body lines are followed precisely by the computer-cut film. Emblems are replaced on top of the film giving a totally seamless finish.

cincinnati xpel clear film

corvette clear bra installation

stingray clear bra and opti-coat

xpel protection film cincinnati stingray corvette

Above: Panel edges are 'wrapped' to prevent dirt from building up along the border of the film and also to create an invisible installation.
Below: The fully protected C7 glimmers under Opti-Coat permanent ceramic sealant.

stingray corvette opti-coat

corvette stingray cincinnati

new corvette stingray detailing protection clear bra xpel Opti-Coat ceramic sealant


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