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cincinnati detailing service specials

Winter 2018-2019 specials are around only until February 28, 2019! Schedule your appointment now!

20% off Stage 1 Comprehensive Detailing Service:
Great for customers who want a very clean car inside and out. This service starts with a thorough cleaning of the interior; the floor mats and carpet are shampooed and the dashboard, upholstery and leather are steam cleaned. The wheels and fender-wells are degreased to remove dirt & grime and tires are coated with a glossy dressing. The vehicle's body is washed then decontaminated with a fine clay bar to extrude bonded environmental buildup (click here for more info on clay bar paint decontamination) then topped with a silica-based sealant for a long-lasting, high-gloss finish. Sedans: $200 20% off = $160, Truck/SUV: $250 20% off = $200(Susceptible to additional neglected fee, click here for more info).

20% off Stage 2 Comprehensive Detailing Service:
Consider this service to greatly improve the appearance of your interior and exterior. This package starts with a thorough steam-cleaning of the carpets, dashboard, upholstery, and leather; dressing surfaces in a durable, non-greasy conditioner to prevent cracking and block UV rays. Focus is then turned to the wheels and engine where everything is thoroughly degreased and cleaned, then dressed to a professional finish. The vehicle body is washed and decontaminated (click here for more info on clay bar paint decontamination) and machine polished to a brilliant luster, removing most swirls / light defects from tunnel car washes or snow brushes. The paint is then protected with a silica based sealant for a long-lasting, high-gloss finish. Sedans: $375 20% off = $300, Truck/SUV: $425 20% off = $340 (add a second polishing pass for just $50-suggested for dark colored vehicles.)

20% Off Window Tinting:
TSS Detailing car window is tint available in two high-performing finishes. Both grades resist 99% of UV rays and are non-metallic, color-stable films with lifetime warranties. Carbon film is a high-quality window tint which will provide glare reduction and privacy infrared rejection film is a premium window tint which is scratch-resistant and heat-resistant. The ceramic coated, IR-rejection film blocks 84% of infrared heat transference, giving you privacy and a cooler driving environment. A cooler cabin puts less demand on your vehicle's air conditioner and results in better engine performance. .

Window tinting prices include prep, film and installation.
  Carbon IR
4 Door w/Back Window

20% off = $200

20% off = $400

4 Door Wagon w/Back Window

20% off = $260

20% off = $440

2 Door Coupe w/Back Window

20% off = $160

20% off = $320

2 Doors

20% off = $80

20% off = $160

Front Windshield Strip

20% off = $32

20% off = $64

Full Windshield

20% off = $120

20% off = $240

cincinnati detailing service specials

Always check back for updates on our detailing specials. We offer many loyalty and group discounts. These are available year round.

"Trifecta" package: Clear Bra, Tint and Ceramic Coating:
Save 15% when you combine all three protection services.

Loyalty Discount:
Save 10% on future services after having a vehicle detailed. Applicable to same household cars only on comprehensive packages.

Multi-Car Discount:
Save 10% per car when you schedule more than one vehicle at a time.

Office/Club Discounts:
Establish a relationship where TSS Detailing would offer members and employees premium interior and exterior detailing services at a discount.



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