Ceramic Coatings

NEVER WAX YOUR CAR AGAIN. Permanent, hydrophobic ceramic coatings come with a manufacturer’s warranty. These are the most advanced chemical paint protection offered industry wide. Traditional carnauba wax lasts a few months while top-quality sealants last up to six months. But now you can have a lifetime of paint protection with this premium product. Ceramic coating polymers bond with your vehicle’s surfaces to create a true shield against atmospheric contamination, bug acid, bird droppings, brake dust, salt deposits and swirls induced from washing/drying. Coatings makes future cleaning easier and hassle-free because dirt/bugs release from the surface much easier without the need to scrub. Ceramics will not diminish over time like traditional wax/sealants. In fact, the only way it can be removed is by machine polishing or with industrial solvents. Before coatings are applied, the paint must be clay barred and machine polished first so that contamination, swirl marks, haze and light blemishes are removed before this permanent protection locks in. Ceramic coatings can be applied to all paint and plastic surfaces as well as headlights, glass, wheels and calipers.

When you purchase a new vehicle, book a date with us to properly protect the interior and exterior for many years to come. Our prep service includes cleaning the interior, conditioning leather and dash surfaces with UV resistant, non greasy protectants, stain-guarding the carpets, washing, clay barring and machine polishing the exterior, then applying your choice of ceramic coating (with either 5 or 9 year warranty). Coating is applied to the paint, lights, trim, moldings and wheel faces. Add a clear bra to the front of your new vehicle for impact protection from rocks & bugs. SPECIAL PRICING for vehicles that are delivered to us immediately after purchase. 

GtechniqUK-manufactured liquid-glass coating that offers the most superior chemical resistance, paint depth, reflection and slickness. Available in two durable formulas with warranties: Crystal Serum and Crystal Serum ULTRA.

Crystal Serum was recently rewarded two Global Media Awards at SEMA 2016 for its unique characteristics in the growing ceramic coating industry. This outstanding, liquid-glass finish will stand up to etchings from bird bombs, salt, bugs and brake dust. The product comes with a five year warranty.  $800/Car, $900/Truck/SUV

Crystal Serum ULTRA is the pinnacle of liquid glass coatings. This dual-layer system effectively works with vehicle paint to absorb and distribute physical damage from washing and drying circumstances. This scratch-resistant coating is the only  ceramic in the market that will stand up against potential damage from tunnel-wash brushes. Crystal Serum ULTRA is very slick to the touch, beads water for life and makes future cleaning very easy as most dirt can be rinsed off with a pressure washer. A touchless tunnel wash will be more effective when your vehicle is protected with Serum ULTRA. Warrantied for seven years against atmospheric contamination. $1,000/Car, $1200/Truck/SUV

Opti-Coat Pro+

US-manufactured ceramic coating that offers excellent chemical resistance. Available in three levels of durability: Gloss-Coat, Opti-Coat PRO and Opti-Coat PRO+. 

Optimum Gloss-Coat is perfect for leased vehicles, show cars, sports cars and exotics as it lasts for 2-3 years. Leased vehicles will be easy to keep clean at a fraction of the PRO price and will look fantastic upon return. Exotics/sports cars, which aren’t exposed to the same weather conditions of a daily driver, will benefit from the high gloss finish that goes above and beyond a normal carnauba wax or synthetic sealant. $500/Car, $600 Truck/SUV

Opti-Coat PRO ceramic coating comes with a five year warranty against atmospheric fallout such as acid rain and salt stains. This product will outlast its warranty and make future cleaning much easier as the vehicle will always have a barrier against the elements.  (Click here for warranty info on Opti-Coat.) $800/Car, $900 Truck/SUV
Opti-Coat PRO+  delivers even more gloss and slickness than PRO, while still maintaining the same chemical structure that has made it renowned as the ultimate protective paint coating. This two-layer treatment to your vehicle surface delivers amazing gloss and protection and provides increased anti-water spotting and hydrophobic properties to maintain the perfect finish in the long term. Comes with a 7-year warranty!  (Click here for warranty info on Opti-Coat.) $1200/Car, $1300 Truck/SUV

Opti-Lens/Glass-Coat: This unique polymer is designed specifically for glass surfaces. It’s hydrophobic qualities will increase visibility during poor weather conditions, boost wiper blade performance and make ice-scraping much easier. $100/Vehicle

With any coating service, the wheel spokes and lip are included. For an additional fee, we can remove your wheels to fully coat them inside and out and apply the coating to your calipers too. Highly recommended for high performance cars known for accumulating heavy brake dust. The fully coated surfaces will make future cleaning much easier.



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New Car Protection Discounts

Warrantied ceramic coating prices reduced for all new vehicle's brought directly to the shop after customer delivery.

"Trifecta" package: Clear Bra, Tint and Ceramic Coating:

Save 15% when you combine all three protection services.

Loyalty Discount:

Save 10% on future services after having a vehicle detailed. Applicable to same household cars only on comprehensive packages.

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