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2011 Cavalcade Of Customs
Vehicle: 2005 Dodge Neon SRT 4
Owner: Max & Staci Webster
Background/Process: Max's SRT followed him around the world while he served his country. When stationed in Germany, Max used his down time to max-out his sport sedan. Before Cavalcade, the car took nearly 16 hours to put in show-quality condition. The interior was cleaned & conditioned, exterior paint & carbon fiber polished to a brilliant gloss and the turbo-charged motor cleaned and dressed in high-gloss finish. The efforts paid off as the owner brought home a "Best In Class" win!

cincinnati cavalcade of customs  dodge SRT 4 neon

detailed dodge SRT 4 neon

cavalcade of customs detailed dodge SRT 4 neon



Vehicle: 2002 Pontiac TransAm WS6
Owner: Bill & Brenda Downing
Process: The owner of this navy-blue TransAm is a die-hard DIY guy, recently recognized in High Performance Pontiac magazine. ts|s Detailing was responsible for polishing out many minor swirls and imperfections, restoring the deep, reflective luster to the TransAm's clear coat.

cavalcade of customs TransAm

cincinnati cavalcade of customs trans am detailing


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