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TSS Detailing car window is tint available in two high-performing finishes. Both grades resist 99% of UV rays and are non-metallic, color-stable films with lifetime warranties. Carbon film is a high-quality window tint which will provide glare reduction and privacy infrared rejection film is a premium window tint which is scratch-resistant and heat-resistant. The ceramic coated, IR-rejection film blocks 84% of infrared heat transference, giving you privacy and a cooler driving environment. A cooler cabin puts less demand on your vehicle's air conditioner and results in better engine performance.

Window tinting prices include prep, film and installation.
  Carbon IR
4 Door w/Back Window



4 Door Wagon w/Back Window



2 Door Coupe w/Back Window



2 Doors



Front Windshield Strip



Full Windshield



pittsburgh automotive window tint installation
Above: The front window is complete. The rear window is mocked up for a technique called "shrinking."
Below: Soapy water is used during installation and tends to leave drip marks everywhere. We are very sure to clean up our mess, not a common courtesy you'll find in the industry.

pittsburgh ceramic car window tinting
This Tesla is ready to take the heat after having IR window tint applied. The ceramic coated, IR-rejection film will extend this EV's battery cycle by preventing demand on the air conditioning during hot, sunny days.


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