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Nick's 06 BMW M-Coupe
Mileage: 45,000
Process: stage II
This sporty BMW was a shade of gray when I met the customer and was reconditioned back to liquid black pearl after I left. The detailing process included a complete wash, wheels/wells degreased, clay barring and single-step polishing and topped with a high quality sealant.

cincinnati BMW detailing

cincinnati car wash

cincinnati detailing

cincinnati BMW cleaning

The car is left outside near train tracks all day and the paint suffers from rail-dust contamination. Claybarring the car removes this contamination whereas traditional washing can't. The sealant applied at the very end of the detailing process will help to reduce the contamination.


clay barring results

The rubber trim, emblems and clear-bra is taped off to prevent com-
pound or buffing pads coming in contact with them.

cincinnati BMW detailing

cincinnati BMW polishing

cincinnati BMW cleaning

Polished BMW M coupe

cincinnati black car polishing.



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